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The barrier triggered a transformation in Kirk's helmsman and best friend Gary Mitchell, who began developing psychic powers that progressed rapidly, with a commensurate loss of his Humanity.

Ignoring Spock advising him to destroy Mitchell immediately, Kirk hesitated until after Mitchell killed navigator Lee Kelso. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott remained chief engineer.

The Farragut's executive officer disagreed, stating, "Lieutenant Kirk is a fine young officer who performed with uncommon bravery." (") Sometime before or in the year 2265, at thirty-two years of age, with the rank of captain, he assumed command of the Constitution-class starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from Christopher Pike, bringing Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell along with him.

(") Kirk commanded the Enterprise on a historic five-year mission, from 2265 to 2270, which made him a legend in space exploration.

(") During command training, Kirk confronted the Kobayashi Maru scenario, a simulation used to evaluate a student's reactions to a "no-win" battle and rescue situation. Before making a third attempt, he secretly reprogrammed the simulation computer, consequently becoming the only cadet in Academy history to beat the "no-win" scenario, and earning a commendation for original thinking. When Finney made a mistake nearly catastrophic to the ship, Kirk logged the incident, which resulted in his friend being reprimanded and put to the bottom of the promotion list. As a young lieutenant, he visited Neural on his first planetary survey mission.

The Enterprise failed to breach the barrier, and barely escaped destruction.

With its warp engines badly damaged, the Enterprise limped under impulse power towards the Delta Vega lithium cracking station.

( In 2246, Kirk was living on the planet Tarsus IV during a food crisis that was starving the colony, which consisted of eight thousand people.

Governor Kodos, sympathetic to old eugenics philosophies and unaware that relief ships were imminent, tried to save a portion of the colony by killing four thousand colonists he deemed least desirable or able to survive.

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