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Piruetas comments to the rest of the P’s that Pablo has finished them.When Rafa finds out, he’ll probably close the bar in his rage. At this point Zahra gives Ana a very satisfying hard slap. Eva presses forward with her monstrous plan to usurp Hilda’s position. Hilda denies any softening towards her still nameless daughter (though the viewer suspects otherwise).

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I've watched the other two, Flor Salvaje and Mi Corazón Insiste, both of which I like better than Casa. FLOR SALVAJE – VIÉRNESI’ve given up trying to choose between Flor and Amanda and will go with Flor from now on.Ana is looking for Flor, and has a confrontation with Zahra. Zahra seems over her anger at Flor and tells Ana she tried to help Flor. His face is full of pain as he watches Pablo pick Flor up and carry her off to her casita.After some VERY hot lovemaking, the two talk about the future they dream of, a house, Pablo’s son visiting and running around the house, children of their own.She had sent Barba Roja to tell him to meet her at the usual spot..Enrique’s tío, Francisco Lozada, tries to guilt him into taking over running the newspaper. He says Enrique has to do it to provide for his mother and sisters. Lucía tortures herself, remaining outside Flor’s casita. Ana is livid and goes after CC with one of the broken bottles.

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