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But then, when everyone became desperate for answers once we posted it to our page, we took a look at the Stockholm-based photographers' Instagram page to find out where a bride can purchase such a dress.It turns out, the man behind the wedding dress design is Predrag Djuknic, who is dubbed "one of the most talented young designers in Serbia," according to his company's Facebook page.There's no doubt that a chunk of that money will go towards all things black and orange: candy, costumes, decorations, you name it.Download the free Woman's Day Now app to stay up-to-date on the best healthy recipes, relationship advice, craft ideas, and more.When there are so many different options for customizing your wedding out there, it's pretty difficult to state that one piece of wedding décor or fashion is "The Best" thing we've ever seen.It all depends on a bride's personal preference, at the end of the day.

The two reportedly went on vacation to the Bahamas this weekend—and appear cuddling together on vacay. Original Post, 3/9: The ship named Dra Lo has officially sunk: Jennifer Lopez is reportedly dating former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, according to E! "This is very, very new," a source told the outlet. Nothing like a new boyfriend to end that line of questioning.

It's one of those photos that you just can't stop staring at, even if you try. No, it must be the radiant pink glow under the white tulle skirt that does it.

Now, we're not sure what makes the dress so utterly breathtaking... Whatever the reasoning behind the trance it puts us in, all we know is we're hooked.

Black was a natural choice to represent the temporarily open doors of communication between the dead and the living.

Orange is the color of another Halloween staple, the Jack-o'-lantern, but pumpkins originated in North America, and All Hallows' Eve wasn't celebrated here until the 1800s.

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