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In the series, Paige opens up to a straight man about her trans identity as they begin dating.“Angelica is an adult trans woman who doesn’t get read as trans in public," says Richards.Created and produced by a team of trans women, the new series aims to tell, for the first time, than four words featured on the home page for the forthcoming Web series: Simply, the series aims to tell "a story about women." “These are characters struggling for their place in the world," says cocreator and costar Jen Richards.She and her team sat down with as post-production got under way this summer to reflect on their groundbreaking show."So that’s not something I’ve seen explored on television: the tensions between trans women and the queer community on television.

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“I got the script and I read it, and I think the thing I really responded to was, it was showing me something I hadn’t really seen before: a trans woman and a lesbian woman having a relationship." But it was more than that which drew her to the project, Freeland says: , in which Richards made frequent appearances.“ where someone is starting their transition,” Richards says.“This is our lives.” Primarly, the series's focus, as billed on its website, is a look "inside the dating lives of trans and queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire and identity." “I’m transgender myself,” says director Sydney Freeland.“I was really shocked," she says, describing how her then-roommate, Richards, worked quietly on the project. “I will unabashedly sleep my way through Hollywood,” Richards adds, “if it means getting great trans content made, and you can fucking quote me on that!"We were living together, she’s writing this thing, I think it’s this small thing, we each moved out,” Ross to Washington, D. ” The key is to get a great story told, not to be famous, she says. That’s all we’re trying to do.” “We all come from a background of art and activism,” says Fisher, a producer on "This is really fun, and we love doing it, and obviously we want to do it to the best of our ability, but the reason we are making this is because I didn’t know how else to address that girls in our community are getting killed.

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