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Both men are expected to make a full recovery Butterfield (pictured with hood on left) and photojournalist Ruaridh Connellan (right) was one of the seven men onboard a boat when it was electrocuted by submerged power lines in Houston on Monday.They were filmed on a Facebook Live video shortly before the accident'I honestly believed it.

I never had one thought about us dying.'In the early hours of the morning Connellan's branch eventually snapped off and he found himself once more being dragged away by the surging waters.

But before the 26-year-old photojournalist could even contemplate letting go, a familiar voice called out through the darkness: 'Dig deep buddy, dig deep - nobody is dying on my watch.'The voice was that of his Daily colleague Alan Butterfield who, along with Connellan and five other men had boarded a rescue boat Monday afternoon only to be electrocuted and tossed overboard when it hit power lines.

Two of the boat's crew drowned, another two are missing - but Butterfield, Connellan and a third man, Jose Vizueth, clung desperately to trees for 18 hours before they were finally rescued Tuesday - 18 hours later, Lucky to be alive!

While Butterfield and Vizueth clung to the limbs of the tree, Connellan was powerless to do anything aside from gripping on to his branch measuring about 2.5 inches wide.'I had been holding on for four or five hours. I feel like I kept hallucinating, seeing boats and dogs,' said Connellan.'When I thought about just giving up and letting go I would remember my girlfriend Sarah, our dog Leroy and our apartment in New York.'The thought of never seeing them again would make my grip stronger.'And every time I felt weak I would hear Alan calling out to me.

He would say we are gonna survive, you have to get through this.'Butterfield, who has a 26-year-old son himself called Andrew, was not prepared to see his colleague join the tragic toll of Hurricane Harvey's victims.'You couldn't talk all that much because the winds were howling and it was raining hard, it sucked, it really did,' he said.'But I I would yell out 'Ruaridh are you alive? Dude you gotta suck it up, go to the deepest depths of your soul. The two men were rushed to the hospital after their am rescue where Connellan was treated for head to toe burns and lacerations to his hands.

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